Cost-effective, Reliable and Agile Water Filtration


Advanced Mobile Filtration Services LLC (AMFS) specializes in bringing solutions to chemical-related industrial challenges while being a steward of the environment.

The company uses a unique vibration technology with a flexible low pressure filtration system membrane pores.

A membrane pore is a sieve used to filter molecule size particles or chemicals.

AMFS nanofiltration process removes particles as small as 0.001 microns in size (1,000x finer than conventional filtration). The twostage process separates particulates from water e.g. AFFF, PFOS, PFAS, viruses, bacteria, lead, calcium, iron, magnesium, arsenic, bromide, selenium & more. The AMFS System can treat fluid with up to 50% solid volume.

Aside from AMFS vibration technology, another unique feature is reducing the carbon footprint by on-site treatment of multiple fluid types anywhere in North America. Each of AMFS’ 53’ mobile filtration trailer units has the ability to filter up to 420,000 gallons of fluid per day depending on fluid makeup. Major projects can be accomplished in shorter times without hauling vast amounts of contaminated fluid via tanker trucks or rail cars to disposal sites. The system generates near-potable to potable water for re-use or disposal to ground, streams, lakes, rivers, aquifers or sanitary sewer systems.

AMFS is an eco friendly company. Its process does not use any additional chemicals or flocculants. AMFS NANO filters are continuous and reusable. Standard mobile filtration systems typically use carbon media filters that are disposed of in landfills or incinerated causing additional environmental issues.

The AMFS patent-protected system is one of the most advanced in the world and – by all accounts – the most advanced mobile system in commercial use.