Unique System & Sample Capabilities

Advanced Mobile Filtration Services (AMFS) provides on-site Filtration Services with our state-of-the-art mobile equipment anywhere in North America with access to a 53’ tractor trailer. With our ability to filter up to 420,000 gallons per day of fluid with one of our units, big jobs can be tackled in shorter times without hauling vast amounts of contaminated fluid via tanker trucks to disposal sites, while reducing your carbon footprint and generating near-potable to potable water for re-use or disposal to ground, streams, lakes, rivers, aquifers or sanitary sewer systems.

While membrane-based separations of liquids from solids have enjoyed increasing popularity over the last 20 years, that technology has an inherent Achilles Heel: fouling. This loss of throughput capacity is due primarily to the formation of a boundary layer that builds naturally on the membrane’s surface during the filtration process. In addition to reducing flux performance of the membrane, this boundary — or gel layer — acts as a secondary membrane and diminishes the native design selectivity of the membrane. This inability to handle the buildup of solids has also limited the use of membranes to low-solids feed streams.