Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of work or goals you want to achieve at a particular?
Our main interest is client satisfaction and repeat business through quality and consistency in our filtration of fluid, using mechanical nano-filtration to remove particulates from water resulting in a two-phase separation: essentially, potable water and the other stream (example: oil and other particulates).  We are a one-stop shop. We have the ability to design and assemble equipment that meets your needs, as well as offering technical consulting solutions for all things water and waste treatment.
What is the volume throughput?
We can process up to 420,000 gallons per day, depending upon hours available to operate on location and the solids content – not just total suspended solids but also some dissolved solids within the fluid to be treated. This is important, because clear water can be laden with dissolved solids that would require slower rates to process in order to have potable water effluent.
What solids content and particle size distribution can be passed through the system?
Our system can handle up to 50% v/v solids and uses nano filtration. Our nano filter has a pore size ~0.001 micron (um). This removes most organic molecules, nearly all viruses and bacteria, most of the natural organic matter and range of salts. It also removes divalent ions which make water hard. Typical applications are oily water, but we are not shy with removing solids such as clays (bentonite, etc.). The application will determine if we would place other plug and play items with our system.
What are the installation/operational constraints?
The technology is completely enclosed within our 53’ insulated and heated trailer. It can be mobilized to any location that can support a rig and 53’ tractor trailer movement. We can accommodate all industrial sites that allow for the rig and trailer access described herein.
What is your ideal project for consideration?
All projects will be considered. Our ideal areas of filtration are where we can process 50,000-420,000 gallons each day for longer periods of time. That said, depending on the value of the project to the client, shorter term projects/problems can easily become economical. When adding mob / de-mob costs, however, the longer the project, the better.

We can assist you in determining how to approach your problem and help with the implementation of a plan.

We look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and your environmental/engineering team to determine how we can work together and provide support.  We will work with your team to create synergies and exceed your expectations.